Our Political Action Committee steadfastly supports the policy stance advocating for the uniform requirement of a government-issued photo ID to vote in all elections within the United States. Currently, electoral regulations are governed at the state level, leading to varied requirements across the nation. This inconsistency is evident in the differing laws between states such as Wisconsin, where a government-issued photo ID is mandatory for voters, and Illinois, where it is not. Given that election results have significant implications for both local and state offices as well as pivotal federal roles, including the Presidency, our PAC believes it is imperative for the federal government to legislate a universal requirement for a government-issued photo ID to vote. This measure would ensure a consistent and secure electoral process across the entire nation.

We would also like to see a ban on mail-in voting because it has been used to subvert many elections. The only Americans permitted to vote by mail should be military personnel deployed overseas, and there must be specific guidelines set up to ensure their voting is done after verification of proper identification and that those ballots are transported to tabulation centers using a secure transport mechanism.