A strong stance on national security and adherence to the Reagan-Bush doctrine on national defense are key points of focus. Membership in the NRA and support for gun rights, including the belief in citizens’ legal right to carry firearms, are emphasized, aligning with our 2nd Amendment rights. Our belief is that guns, like any tool, are neutral and depend on the user’s intent. Just as a  hammer does not have evil intent, but using it to smash someone’s head in is evil, a gun does not wake up one day and decide it is going on a killing spree.

The argument extends to the notion that guns do not inherently cause violence; rather, it’s the malicious intent of certain individuals that leads to misuse. This perspective is reinforced by the observation that in places with strict gun control, like the United Kingdom, other weapons such as knives become tools for violence, suggesting that the issue is deeper than just gun access.

We believe that most gun-related crimes involve illegally obtained weapons, while legal gun owners are typically a very responsible and law-abiding group. The current gun laws, including background checks and waiting periods, are sufficient, and additional laws won’t effectively reduce gun violence in inner cities. Since when have criminals ever heeded the laws? Adding to the pile of existing laws on the books will not do any good. Criminals will always find a way to circumvent the laws.

FBI reports on active shooter events, suggesting that armed citizens with concealed carry permits have been effective in stopping or reducing the impact of such incidents. This leads to the advocacy for greater gun ownership among responsible citizens.

We praise President Trump’s rejection of the UN Small Arms Treaty, emphasizing national sovereignty, and the protection of constitutional rights to bear arms. However we do support raising the minimum age for gun ownership to 25, because data shows that most active mass shooters fall between the ages of 10 and 25. It is quite clears that the average human brain in adolescents under 25 years of age is not mature enough these days to distinguish between real life and video games, and the consequences of pulling the trigger on another human being.