About Us

Our country is in dire straits. The Administration has allowed millions of illegal aliens through our southern border without vetting. Many of those coming in have been from countries hostile to us, including Syria, Pakistan, Iran, and others. We have a $34 Trillion debt which our children, grandchildren, and their children will be paying back, for generations to come. The Government is increasing taxes and borrowing money to send to the war effort in Ukraine. We have a massive trade imbalance with Communist China with ambitions for world domination, which has enabled them to use trillions of our US dollars to assemble an armed forces comparable to our own. Communist China has also bought up over 400,000 acres of US farmland close to our military bases for obvious reasons. We have an economic rate of inflation which has left the lower and middle-class of our country crippled and unable to afford basic necessities without holding down two jobs. We have Islamic radicals who have infiltrated our college and university campuses, who have successfully brainwashed our youth into thinking they have a just cause against Israel. We have a United Nations which thinks it can sit on our US soil, run with our US taxpayer funding, brazenly voting against every resolution put forward by the United States. We have a largely contested Presidential Election with the Citizenry still unsure of whether the 2020 elections were free or fair, and we have a level of offshoring of the Information Technology, Medical and Manufacturing sectors which have left the US worker holding the short end of the stick. Fellow Patriots, our country is in trouble, and the only one who can do anything about it is YOU…!

American Vigilance PAC is a national alliance dedicated to fostering a prosperous future for America. Our organization includes visionary candidates, esteemed elected officials, and empowered community groups. We are united in our commitment to champion America First policies across municipal, state, and federal levels of governance. Our focus is on empowering America’s future through initiatives that strengthen our nation’s prosperity.

Our Political Action Committee is committed to enhancing border security, particularly along the Southern border of the United States. We believe in the necessity of a physical barrier, known as “the wall,” to prevent illegal immigration, drug smuggling, and human trafficking. We support initiatives that strengthen border security measures, such as those undertaken by President Trump, and advocate for a comprehensive approach to immigration that distinguishes between legal and illegal processes. We recognize the contributions of legal immigration to America’s talent pool, economy, and societal fabric, while firmly standing against illegal immigration. Our vision includes maintaining the integrity of the nation’s immigration system and ensuring national security while welcoming legal immigrants who contribute to our rich cultural mosaic.

Additionally, we emphasize the need for reforms addressing the impact of labor unions on economic prosperity. Balancing a strong stance on illegal immigration with a welcoming approach to legal immigrants, we aim to ensure that America continues to benefit from the diversity and talents of newcomers while upholding the rule of law and ensuring national security. Where does your money go? Toward helping getting officials elected to various local, village, school board, trustee, mayoral, county board, gubernatorial, congressional and senatorial seats.