Our political action committee believes that the answer to Juvenile Delinquency and Recidivism as well as the answer to reducing gun violence is to bring back the draft. 

First, the reintroduction of mandatory military service for all eligible citizens is advocated. This policy would require every able-bodied individual, regardless of gender, aged 18 to 30, to serve in the Armed Forces for a minimum of two years prior to pursuing higher education. This initiative aims to instill a set of core values in the nation’s youth, including moral integrity, respect for national symbols, discipline, and an understanding of hierarchical respect. The model draws inspiration from countries like Switzerland, where mandatory service has contributed to societal unity, responsibility among citizens, and a notable absence of significant gang-related violence in urban areas. Through this system, it is believed that the challenges posed by gangs and the erosion of societal values among the youth can be addressed effectively. The discipline instilled in our youth through military service would ensure that gun violence become a thing of the past. 

Second, the proposal seeks to expand the opportunities for service by removing the upper age limit currently restricting older Americans from enlisting in the Armed Forces. This change would not only honor the willingness of these individuals to serve but also leverage their specialized skills in roles suited to their capabilities, beyond direct combat duties. The exclusion of willing and capable citizens based on age alone is seen as a wasteful limitation on the nation’s potential. By creating specialist positions for these individuals, the Armed Forces can benefit from a wider pool of expertise and experience, enhancing its operational capabilities and fostering a broader sense of national duty across age groups.

These measures are envisioned to cultivate a robust sense of duty, patriotism, and community across the entire spectrum of American society. By embracing both the energy of the youth and the wisdom of the older generations, the nation can forge a more disciplined, united, and resilient populace, ready to contribute to its defense and prosperity.