As advocates for fiscal responsibility and economic stability, our PAC is dedicated to addressing the critical issues facing our nation’s economy. Central to our agenda is the pursuit of balanced budgets at both the federal and state levels. We firmly believe that the $34 trillion national debt is not merely a financial concern but a clear indicator of deeper systemic issues within our economic framework.

The core of this challenge lies in the significant imbalance in global trade. The United States currently faces a substantial disparity, importing far more than we export. This trade imbalance is a major contributor to various economic ailments, including unemployment, underemployment, a rising ratio of applicants to available jobs, a stagnant housing market, and overall economic stagnation.

To effectively tackle these issues, we propose a strategic shift in our trade policies. Our approach advocates for increasing barriers to non-essential imports while focusing on bolstering domestic production. By limiting imports to indispensable items such as crude oil and certain food products, and imposing substantial import duties on other goods, we aim to encourage domestic manufacturing and reduce dependency on foreign products.

This policy is not without short-term challenges. It may initially lead to a scarcity of certain imported goods and an increase in their prices. However, we believe this will create a fertile ground for domestic producers and manufacturers to thrive, filling the market gap with American-made products. This shift will not only help in reducing the national debt and deficit but will also be instrumental in creating millions of jobs and revitalizing the American economy.

Our commitment is to ensure that America’s economic policies prioritize the well-being and prosperity of its citizens. We advocate for a self-reliant economy where American interests are at the forefront, leading to a future where our nation is not just financially stable but also flourishing.

We stand ready to advise and support any political leadership that shares our vision and are committed to making these necessary changes for the betterment of our nation. As we continue to engage in these vital economic discussions, we also maintain our roles in various professional fields, bringing diverse expertise and perspectives to this crucial national conversation. Our irresponsible levels of import of goods have served to enrich China, Mexico and other nations while at the same time making us poorer as a nation. It is time we become a net exporter of goods and services rather than a net importer, and reverse the economic decline we find ourselves in.