Our Political Action Committee strongly supports comprehensive measures to ensure national security and effectively counter terrorism. We uphold the belief that rigorous and focused counterterrorism strategies are essential to prevent incidents like the September 11, 2001 attacks and to address ongoing threats.

We support initiatives that aim to monitor and curtail potential terrorist activities, particularly those that pose significant threats to public safety. While recognizing the importance of safeguarding the civil liberties of US Citizens, we believe that targeted surveillance and intelligence gathering are crucial components of an effective counterterrorism strategy. We support the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to the extent that it is targeted toward foreign nationals in the United States. We do not support it’s use to target US Citizens. 

Our stance includes support for military and diplomatic efforts to address sources of terrorism internationally including giving the CIA a free hand and means to do whatever it needs to do, outside the United States to protect the nation, as well as giving the FBI and domestic law enforcement the free hand and means to do whatever it needs to do, within the United States to protect the nation. 

Our Political Action Committee acknowledges the complex challenges of maintaining national security and preventing terrorist attacks like those experienced on September 11, 2001. We believe in the necessity of surveillance activities by agencies such as the NSA to safeguard the American public. However, we advocate for a focused approach to surveillance, particularly on individuals or groups with potential links to terrorist activities.

In this context, we suggest that surveillance efforts should be concentrated on specific segments of the population, particularly those who might pose a higher risk based on certain criteria like frequenting specific places of worship or making frequent international calls to certain regions. This approach is proposed with the understanding that while there are many law-abiding citizens within every community, the onus of proving innocence in the context of national security threats may lie with individuals connected to higher-risk profiles.

While recognizing the controversial nature of this stance, especially concerning civil liberties and profiling, we emphasize the importance of prioritizing national security. Our position includes a strong commitment to the defense of the United States and its values. This commitment extends to the willingness to endure personal sacrifice in defense of the nation’s security and ideals.

Overall, our committee advocates for vigilant, targeted, and responsible surveillance measures that effectively address potential security threats while respecting the rights and dignities of all individuals. Our goal is to ensure a secure and safe environment for all Americans, where threats are addressed with precision and care, balancing the need for security with the preservation of fundamental freedoms.

Our goal is to promote a safe and secure environment within the United States, through proactive and well-considered policies and actions that effectively counter the threat of terrorism while respecting the principles of justice and human rights for US Citizens.