The viewpoint expressed is strongly pro-life and pro-domestic adoption. It is believed that human life begins at conception, and thus, the protection of the unborn is crucial to uphold the sanctity of human life. There is opposition to federal or taxpayer funding for organizations like Planned Parenthood, and President Trump’s initiative to ban late-term abortion is commended.

The argument also emphasizes the need to focus on domestic adoption in the United States. It points out that many babies and children within the country are neglected and in need of care, negating the need for overseas adoptions from countries like China or Africa. The current domestic adoption process is viewed as overly lengthy and bureaucratic, leading to calls for significant reform.

A proposed solution is a streamlined three-week domestic adoption process. This would involve one week for verifying the unfitness or inability of a child’s biological parents to provide care, a second week for conducting a federal background check on the prospective adoptive parents, and a third week for assessing their financial ability to support a child. This accelerated process aims to address the issue of lengthy and complicated adoption procedures currently in place.

The message concludes with a strong appeal to Congress and the Senate to enact laws facilitating faster and easier domestic adoption processes, emphasizing the urgency of this reform to better serve the needs of neglected and undernourished children within the United States.