Advocating for the protection of human life and the facilitation of domestic adoption forms the core of a compassionate and comprehensive approach to societal well-being. I hold the conviction that life begins at conception and, as such, champion the safeguarding of the unborn, emphasizing the significance of life’s sanctity. This belief extends to opposing federal or taxpayer funding for organizations that do not align with this value, appreciating efforts like those made by President Trump to restrict late-term abortions.

Simultaneously, I recognize the critical need within our own borders for loving, stable homes for countless children facing neglect, abuse, or undernourishment. It is a matter of national concern that prospective parents often look abroad for adoption opportunities when so many children in the United States are in desperate need of care and family. To address this, I propose significant reforms to streamline and expedite the domestic adoption process, ensuring more children can find homes within our country.

The proposed reform aims to simplify legal domestic adoption to a three-week process, ensuring a swift transition for children into caring homes. This process would involve verifying the inability of biological parents to provide care, conducting thorough background checks on prospective parents, and assessing financial stability to support a child. Such reforms would dismantle the bureaucratic barriers that currently prolong the adoption process, often discouraging well-meaning individuals from pursuing domestic adoption.

This approach not only reflects a commitment to protecting life but also to nurturing it by supporting adoption as a viable, encouraged option for those seeking to grow their families. It is an urgent call to Congress and the Senate to enact legislation that prioritizes the welfare of children and the rights of prospective parents, thereby enriching our society with the values of care, compassion, and community. The time to act is now, to ensure that every child has the opportunity for a loving home and every potential parent the chance to provide one without undue delay or obstacle.