Our Political Action Committee firmly believes in the necessity of enhancing border security, particularly along the Southern border of the United States. The construction of a physical barrier, often referred to as “the wall,” is seen as a crucial step in preventing illegal immigration, drug smuggling, and human trafficking. We support initiatives, such as those undertaken by President Trump, aimed at strengthening border security measures.

One proposed solution for funding this project is the utilization of assets seized from criminal activities, exemplified by the nearly $15 billion confiscated from the notorious drug lord El Chapo. This approach is viewed as a practical way to allocate resources that directly counteract the consequences of illegal activities at the border.

In conjunction with strengthening border security, we advocate for a comprehensive approach to immigration that distinguishes between legal and illegal processes. While we fully support legal immigration, recognizing its contributions to the American talent pool, economy, and societal fabric, there is a clear stance against illegal immigration. We do not need more laws. We need more enforcement of the existing laws. 

The enforcement of existing laws and the protection of our borders are absolutely essential for maintaining the integrity of the nation’s immigration system and of the nation’s future. 

By balancing a strong stance on illegal immigration with a welcoming approach to legal immigrants, we aim to ensure that America continues to benefit from the rich diversity and talents brought by newcomers, while simultaneously upholding the rule of law and ensuring national security.

Our vision is a United States that remains open to legal immigrants, contributing to our rich cultural mosaic, while firmly securing our borders against unlawful entry and activities that threaten the safety and well-being of American citizens.