Our Political Action Committee recognizes the urgent need for a robust safety net for the unemployed in the United States. With many Americans facing homelessness or other dire circumstances during periods of unemployment, there is a clear need for more effective measures to support those in need. While churches and religious institutions play a vital role in providing aid, the responsibility to stimulate job creation and support the needy and poor extends beyond these organizations.

We commend the efforts of Governors like Walker, Scott, and Perry, who have set excellent examples in job creation in their respective states. Their initiatives demonstrate the positive impact that effective leadership and policy can have on employment rates and economic growth.

However, we also recognize that over-regulation and over-taxation can hinder economic progress and impact the standard of living for Americans. The focus should shift from reactive measures, such as increased regulation, to proactive strategies aimed at improving the overall standard of living, thus reducing the reliance on entitlement programs.

In the realm of healthcare, we advocate for long-term, systemic solutions rather than temporary fixes. We supported alternatives to the Obama healthcare bill, as proposed by Congressmen Ryan and Kirk, which aimed at more sustainable healthcare reforms.

Regarding the future of Social Security and Medicare, we propose a radical yet potentially effective solution: issuing checks to Americans equivalent to their contributions to these funds, ceasing future payroll deductions, and moving out of the business of providing entitlement benefits. This approach promotes individual fiscal responsibility for retirement and healthcare, potentially revitalizing the economy in the short term and alleviating the burden on the federal government.

We also believe in empowering religious institutions to play a more significant role in providing for the needy, as exemplified by organizations like the Willow Creek Community Church. The White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, initiated by President George W. Bush, is a step in the right direction. We propose furthering this initiative by gradually transitioning government aid to be funneled through religious and community organizations, thereby reinforcing the role of these institutions in societal welfare.

Our vision is an America where job creation, economic stability, and a robust safety net are priorities, ensuring that every citizen has the opportunity to live with dignity and security.