The handling of the crisis by President Trump and Vice President Pence has been commendable. It is imperative that the United Nations and the World Health Organization investigate China for allegedly misleading the world about the origin and severity of the pandemic. Despite the development of cures, tests, and vaccines, and efforts to revitalize the economy, the global economy has suffered significant damage. Holding China accountable for the trillions of dollars in economic harm, particularly to the American economy, is a point of consideration. One proposed measure is for the US Treasury to cancel the trillions of dollars in US Treasury bonds held by China as a form of recompense. Furthermore, it is suggested that all trade and other relations with China be severed. China should also face severe consequences for its role in the crisis.

It is important to distinguish between the Chinese government and Chinese-Americans, who should not bear the brunt of actions aimed at the former. The criticism is directed towards the Communist regime of China, not Chinese-Americans. The Biden Administration’s continued firm stance on China is also noteworthy and praiseworthy.