Our Political Action Committee acknowledges and supports the economic vision and leadership demonstrated by President Donald Trump. In 2016, our committee fully endorsed and financially supported President Trump’s campaign, resonating with his promise to “Make America Great Again.” The steps outlined by President Trump for reviving the nation’s prosperity closely align with the principles and ideas promoted by our organization, and we take pride in the possibility that our website may have influenced some of his policy proposals.

Our support for President Trump’s campaign was recognized with a membership certificate from the Trump Campaign Board of Directors, along with various campaign memorabilia. This endorsement stems from our belief in protectionist policies, which are reflected in the ideas presented on our website and in our advocacy.

In December 2018, our committee was honored with inclusion in the Republican Presidential Honor Roll, further solidifying our commitment to President Trump’s economic agenda. We commend President Trump for his efforts in repairing a previously faltering U.S. economy and for his overall performance in office, which we believe has been exceptionally beneficial for the country.

Echoing President Trump’s suggestion from August 2018, we advocate for a shift in the reporting system for publicly traded companies from quarterly to semi-annual or annual earnings reports. This change is seen as a means to enable companies to focus more on long-term results and market share, rather than the short-term pressures of meeting quarterly earnings projections.

Our committee continues to be a staunch supporter of President Trump, fully endorsing his candidacy for the 2020 Presidential election. We express our heartfelt wishes for continued blessings upon President Trump and his family, firmly believing in his leadership and vision for the future of America.