Our Political Action Committee strongly supports the security and sovereignty of Israel, recognizing its significance both as a key ally in the Middle East and as a nation of historical and religious importance for Judaism and Christianity. We believe in a robust and independent Israel capable of defending itself against threats from extremist groups.

The security of Israel is viewed as integral to American interests in the region, underscoring the need for the United States to maintain its commitment to Israel’s safety. We advocate for the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state and support its right to self-defense and peaceful existence.

Our position includes the belief that Jerusalem is the legitimate capital of Israel, and we support the Jewish people’s right to a homeland. This stance is rooted in both historical narratives and contemporary geopolitical considerations.

We also emphasize the need for military cooperation and training between the United States and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to bolster Israel’s ability to protect its citizens. Such cooperation is seen as essential for the stability of the region and for the protection of democratic values.

Our support for Israel extends to the recognition of its historical and religious significance, acknowledging the deep ties between the land and the Abrahamic faiths. We stand by the notion that the protection of Israel is not only a matter of strategic interest but also a moral imperative aligned with American values and commitments in the international arena.