Our Political Action Committee emphasizes the importance of creating a business-friendly environment to attract and retain corporations in the global economy. In an era where companies have numerous options for their headquarters and operations, providing job-creation tax credits and other incentives for manufacturing, service-sector jobs, and corporate location within the United States is crucial.

We particularly commend the efforts of Governor Rick Perry of Texas for his role in making Texas a top destination for businesses. His approach of aggressively reducing and eliminating corporate, small business, and individual taxes, coupled with offering substantial incentives for businesses to relocate to Texas, serves as a model for other states. Governor Perry’s personal engagement with Corporate CEOs and boards, treating the State of Texas like a private enterprise and himself as its CEO, has yielded significant results. This strategy has led to Texas becoming home to a large number of Fortune 1000 companies and experiencing a notable inflow of people and businesses.

Similarly, Governor Rick Scott of Florida has employed comparable strategies, resulting in Florida also becoming an attractive destination for businesses. Both Texas and Florida have experienced drops in unemployment rates and a net inflow of corporate headquarters, demonstrating the effectiveness of their pro-business policies.

The success stories of Texas and Florida underscore the importance of sound economic and fiscal policy, combined with authentic leadership and a clear vision. The potential for other states to replicate this success lies in their willingness to adopt similar pro-business strategies and create environments conducive to corporate growth and economic prosperity.

Our vision is to encourage states across the nation to adopt policies that attract businesses, create jobs, and foster economic growth. By making the United States an appealing and competitive location for businesses in the global market, we can ensure sustained economic development and a prosperous future.